Pneumatic Blending


The NTE Process pneumatic blending is performed with innovative air mixers (Air Mixer M244/277 and Jetmixer® M531) having no mechanical parts inside the machine. It is suitable for highly abrasive and fragile materials (available in ATEX, DAIRY, GMP versions).

Unlike conventional mechanical blenders, NTE Process' air mixers use only the "strength " of the air to get mixtures of products with different bulk density and particle size, in a quick and effective way, ensuring a specific control for the process requirements.

During the mixing cycle, compressed air pulses gently lift the materials upward and outward in a continuous circular motion until the blending target is achieved. The NTE Process mixers can blend large volumes of product (silos blending up to 300 m³).

Compared to mechanical blenders, the energy saving, its versatility and, easy cleaning allow the application of NTE Process pneumatic blending in the food industry with particular usefulness to batching and formulations plants.

We have a modern Research Center equipped with 1:1 Pilot Plant, in order to test customers’ pneumatic blending applications.

For many years, we have been a partner of the SIAD – PRAXAIR group for blending applications with inert gas ( CO2 , nitrogen, etc . ) in all cases where there is a risk of :

- Explosion

- Biodegradation and/or oxidation products

- Moisture absorption.

These applications are also useful in the case where a control of temperature inside of a silo or hopper (heating and/or cooling ) is required.

Pneumatic Blending