Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying

The dilute phase pneumatic conveying, typically defined as "low pressure conveying", is characterized by the low efficiency ratio which usually is lower than 5kg of product per air kg.

The dilute phase pneumatic conveying can be performed through pressure or vacuum mode. Generally, it uses a blower in order to generate the force required to convey powders or granules which must not be abrasive, mixed or easily degradable.

Such system differs from dense phase conveying system in the following characteristics:

  • The velocity of the product during the convey is equal to the air speed and usually above 15 m/s.
  • The product pressure is lower than 1 barg
  • Low ratio between product kg and air kg.
  • Knowledge of product speed when conveying that varies depending on the product to avoid clogging.
  • There is little chance of adjustment of the system.
Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying