The Wonderbatch® technology is a revolutionary in-line formulation concept that offers a complete solution for recipes, batching and, more in general, for the handling of bulk powder, especially in light duty industries.

The Wonderbatch® technology allows our customer to obtain a wide range of recipes, avoiding the risk of contamination, optimizing space and increasing production.

The tests carried out at NTE PROCESS’ Research Center revealed a time saving of 40% compared to traditional systems.

Further advantages are:

  • Dosing directly from the big bags
  • Automatic monitoring of the entire process
  • Elimination of external contamination
  • Traceability
  • Reduction of cleaning times;
  • Possibility to blend the batch directly into the mobile container.


  • Bakeries
  • Ice cream / cake industry
  • Dyes
  • Rice
  • Additives formulation
  • Food
  • Tea, coffee, cocoa
  • Dairy products
  • Aromas and flavors
  • Animal feed
  • Spices
  • Health food