Air Pollution Control

The NTE PROCESSe dry sorbent injection system, known as DSI, for the reduction and mitigation of harmful emissions such as SO2, SO3, HF, HCI, Mercury, Dioxins provides a simple, effective and less costly solution compared to the traditional wet method.

The NTE PROCESS dry sorbent injection system continuously conveys sorbents (hydrated lime, bicarbonate, trona, activated carbon, amended silica) from the storage silos to the injection lances placed on the gas duct.

The injected substances react with pollutant gases effectively reducing harmful emissions.

NTE Process is specialized in offering innovative solutions to reduce the operating costs up to 70% through recirculation systems, the improvement of distribution in gas ducts or special patented lances suitable also for the revamping of existing systems.


  • Fluidizing Bin Bottom to homogenize and avoid the bridge effect in silos
  • Anti-clogging systems of convey lines or injection lances
  • Special loss in weight system to dose accurately sorbents optimizing the consumptions themselves
  • Splitter and injection lances for an effective distribution of the sorbents and to improve the mitigation performance up to 50%
Air Pollution Control