Spray Dryer


Among the integrated technologies of NTE Process systems, the Spray Drying is a very important process that allows to obtain high quality engineered powders for various industries (Food, Pharmaceutical, Ceramic, Environment, exc).

NTE Process combines its own experience in Bulk Material Handling with the powder production thanks to the partnership with the Japanese company Ohkawara Kakokhi, worldwide leader in Spray Dryer production with patented technologies.

The Spray Drying technologies allow to atomize slurry and liquid compounds with different degree of viscosity, producing fine powders with precise particle sizes, thanks to patented atomizing nozzles. Furthermore, the obtained powders have a high degree of fluidity and solubility, thanks to the perfect distribution of the shape and of the particle size that is obtained by the atomizing process.

NTE Process offers solutions with different approaches, from turnkey plants to retrofitting of existing systems, and also closed loop laboratory spray dryers. Additionally, the NTE Process Spray Dryers can be used in several industries, such as atomizers/spary dryers for technical ceramics, atomizers/spary dryers for electronic order, atomizers/spary dryers for lithium and silicon, etc.

NTE Process has a Test Plant at its Research Centre in Pessano con Bornago (Italy) where spray drying test can also be performed for the customers, in order to optimize the engineering process both during quotation or job step and to test innovative products or processes together with the customer.

Our potential customer can research and design new products or verify how the NTE Process Spray Dryer performance can be improved.

Furthermore, the test can prevent any critical issue that can occur during the plant start up, shortening the testing time.

A further test analysis provides relevant information for the design of the suitable engineering and the best settings for the performance control during the plant start up.


Spray Dryer